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UKOUG Systems EventRegistration is now open for the Systems Event
20 May 2015 • London, UK

Living with the Oracle Database Appliance

Having bought 2 ODA X3-2s in summer 2013, and going live a few weeks later, this session will describe what we have learnt about the ODA Virtualized Platform (VP) when running in production. In addition Simon will focus on O-box experiences in implementing SOA on ODA VP, relevant to anyone looking to deploy middleware and/or applications on this appliance too.

Topics include:

  • patching
  • backup, recovery and DR
  • ASR and disk failures
  • sizing of recovery area
  • use of ZFS SA for test environments
  • networking considerations
  • virtualized platform & ACFS experiences

Delegates will gain a better understanding the real-world benefits and constraints of the ODA platform for medium-sized workloads.

This is a joint presentation by Simon Haslam and Peter Moore, Principal DBA at Simplyhealth.

26 February 2015 • London, UK

What’s New for the Oracle Database Appliance?

The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) – an integrated platform based on two Exa-style compute nodes and direct attached storage – has been evolving rapidly during its relatively short life. In this session I will focus on some of the interesting technical aspects of the ODA (such as sizing, huge pages, datafiles on ACFS, virtualisation and management) and anything new that might or might not have appeared in January or February.

Oracle OpenWorld 2014Oracle OpenWorld 2014 - I'm speaking
28 September – 2 October 2014 • San Francisco, USA

Provisioning Oracle Fusion Middleware Environments with Chef and Puppet [CON7629]

There is an explosion of interest in how to apply proven tools to automate provisioning of Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Fusion Middleware products. This session features a panel of experts discussing real-world use of tools such as Puppet and Chef to automate Oracle WebLogic Server provisioning and shorten time to market, improve quality, increase efficiencies, and drive down costs. Learn practical approaches to innovating provisioning in your environment.

This panel session will feature Craig Barr (Rubicon Red), Goran Stankovski (Limepoint), Steve Button (Oracle), Edwin Biemond (Oracle, and open source Puppet module fame) and Simon Haslam.

Oracle WebLogic on Oracle Database Appliance: Combining High Availability and Simplicity [CON8004]

Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Database Appliance offers a complete solution for building and deploying enterprise Java EE applications in a fully integrated system of software, servers, storage, and networking that delivers highly available database and Oracle WebLogic services. This session discusses how Oracle WebLogic is deployed on Oracle Database Appliance and what the benefits are of deploying to this platform. It also covers SOA deployment on Oracle Database Appliance.

This is a joint presentation by Frances Zhao-Perez from Oracle Product Management and Simon Haslam from Veriton/O-box.

Nordic ACE Director Tour
21-23 October 2014 • Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland

Nordic ACE Director Tour 2014

Simon will be presenting on variety of middleware topics:

  • Enterprise Deployments: The Real World of Best Practices (Stockholm, Oslo)
  • Oracle WebLogic Server in Practice: SSL Configuration (Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki)
  • WebLogic for DBAs (Copenhagen, Helsinki)
  • WLST: WebLogic’s Swiss Army knife (Copenhagen)

DOAG 2014 Conference & ExhibitionDOAG 2014 Conference + Exhibition
18–20 November 2014 • Nuremberg, Germany

Enterprise Deployments: The Real World of Best Practices

Building highly available, secure and well performing infrastructure running sophisticated Fusion Middleware product suites is not always easy. Fortunately Oracle’s Enterprise Deployment Guides help (e.g. for SOA and WebCenter), but there are still various trade-offs you need to understand. This session will address such considerations, nuances and caveats, illustrated with experiences from multiple implementations on conventional systems, Exalogic and the Oracle Database Appliance.

Presented by Simon Haslam and Jacco Landlust from Oracle.

UKOUG Tech14 Conference & ExhibitionUKOUG Tech14 - I'm Speaking
8–10 December 2014 • Liverpool, UK

What’s so Special about the Oracle Database Appliance? (Winter 2014 Update)

The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is one of Oracle’s best kept secrets: it is a “small” engineered system that provides a “database in a box” and, since virtualization capability was added in spring 2013, offers lots of potential use cases to the Oracle infrastructure architect.

Simon started researching this system in autumn 2012, took part in a production installation in summer 2013, and since then has focussed his attention on deploying Fusion Middleware products (such as Oracle SOA Suite) on the ODA. He shares these experiences in this technical session which is intended to help any organisation who might be considering deploying databases and applications to this system. It describes what’s nice about the ODA, its limitations and, based on customer experiences, how it can be used most effectively. The important new ODA features introduced in 2014 will also be covered.

Enterprise Deployments: The Real World of Best Practices

Your chance to see this presentation in the UK with both Simon Haslam and Jacco Landlust.

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